ITEM# lb122
DIAMOND 18G Flat Back Push-In Stud - Cartilage, Tragus, Lip, Nose
  • DIAMOND 18G Flat Back Push-In Stud - Cartilage, Tragus, Lip, Nose
  • DIAMOND 18G Flat Back Push-In Stud - Cartilage, Tragus, Lip, Nose
  • DIAMOND 18G Flat Back Push-In Stud - Cartilage, Tragus, Lip, Nose
  • DIAMOND 18G Flat Back Push-In Stud - Cartilage, Tragus, Lip, Nose
  • DIAMOND 18G Flat Back Push-In Stud - Cartilage, Tragus, Lip, Nose
  • DIAMOND 18G Flat Back Push-In Stud - Cartilage, Tragus, Lip, Nose
  • DIAMOND 18G Flat Back Push-In Stud - Cartilage, Tragus, Lip, Nose
  • DIAMOND 18G Flat Back Push-In Stud - Cartilage, Tragus, Lip, Nose
14K Solid Goldtop seller

DIAMOND 18G Flat Back Push-In Stud - Cartilage, Tragus, Lip, Nose

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The gauge refers to the thickness of the post, bar, stem, or barbell. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the post. For example, a 20G post is thinner than a 16G post.
The wearable length refers to the length of the post or barbell that goes through your piercing without a disc, balls, or studs.
5mm, 6.5mm, 8mm, 10mm
MATERIAL14K Solid Gold
GEMSTONENatural Diamond (1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm)
POST THREADINGThreadless Straight Push-In
CLOSURE TYPEStraight Push-In
PIERCING TYPELip, Cartilage, Tragus, Helix, Earlobe, Nose, Conch

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No Poking and No Snagging
No painful poking to the back of your ear when you sleep

Wear it 24/7 Day and Night
Shower with it, sleep on it, swim in it.

Nickel-free for those who are hypersensitive

Ulta Low Profile
Lays flat on your skin

Can be worn in most cartilage (tragus, helix, conch, earlobe), lip (labret, monroe, medusa, cheek), and nose piercings

This sparkling 14K solid gold flat back single stud earring / labret features a brilliant round prong-setting diamond handcrafted in highly polished 14K solid gold. This is the most versatile jeweled piercing stud for any piercing areas including ear cartilage, helix, tragus, conch, earlobe, monroe lip, labret, and nose. The removable gem stud has a tiny groove that snaps in the shaft which holds both pieces together securely.
  • Threadless Push-In (Snap-In) Post and Removable Prong-Setting Diamond Stud Pin
  • Poke-Free Flat Back Post Backing for Comfort and Helps Stud Lays Flat on the Skin.
  • 1/4"(6mm): Common Length for Most Healed Ear Cartilage Piercings (Helix, Conch, Tragus, Earlobe) and Nose Piercings
  • 5/16"(8mm): Common Length for Most Monroe, Medusa, Cheek, Labret, and Lip Piercings for Women (3/8" for Men)
  • Most Popular Stone Size for Triple Forward Helix Earring: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm
  • Standard 18 Gauge (Fits from 16G to 20G)
  • Available Length: 1/4"(6mm), 5/16"(8mm), 3/8"(10mm)
  • 100% Nickel-Free Hypoallergenic
  • Disc Size: 3.15mm Diameter, 0.35mm Thick
  • 14K Stamped with Genuine Diamond

Material: Solid 14K Gold (Nickel-Free)
Type: Cartilage, Helix, Tragus, Conch, Nose, Monroe, Labret Studs
Length: 1/4"(6.5mm), 5/16"(8 mm), 3/8"(10mm)
Thickness: 18 Gauge(1.0mm)
Diamond Size: 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm
Diamond Weight: 1.5 mm (.015 Carats), 2 mm (.03 Carats), 2.5 mm (0.06 Carats), 3 mm (.1 Carats)
Diamond Clarity: SI1-SI2(Very Good), VS1-VS2(Best), VVS1-VVS2(Excellent)
Diamond Color: G-H (Near Colorless)
Diamond Cut: Full Cut(58 Facets) Brilliant Round
Diamond Setting: Prong-Set

How to Wear It as a Nose Stud


WEARABLE LENGTH5mm, 6.5mm, 8mm, 10mm
MATERIAL14K Solid Gold
GEMSTONENatural Diamond
GEM SIZE1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm
POST THREADINGThreadless Straight Push-In
CLOSURE TYPEStraight Push-In
PIERCING TYPELip, Cartilage, Tragus, Helix, Earlobe, Nose, Conch
ITEM #lb122


DIAMOND Flat Back Push-In Stud

DIAMOND Threaded Flat Back Stud

DIAMOND Ball Back Stud
Price from $69.99 from $99.00 from $149.00
Post Type Threadless Push-In Internally Threaded Screw-On Ball Barbell
Metal 14K Solid Gold 14K Solid Gold 14K Solid Gold
Gemstone Genuine Natural Diamond Genuine Natural Diamond Genuine Natural Diamond
Diamond Setting Low-Profile 4-Prong Setting Low-Profile 4-Prong Setting 4-Prong Basket Setting
Piercing Type Cartilage, Lips, Nose Cartilage, Lips, Nose Cartilage
Post Thickness 18 Gauge (1mm) 18 Gauge (1mm) 18 Gauge (1mm)
Post Length 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" 1/4", 5/16" 1/4"
Gem Size 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm
Pros easy to wear (1-step snap-in), poke-free, snag-free, versatile great for initial piercing, anti-slip screw-on, very secure, poke-free, snag-free, versatile screw-on ball, classic piercing look, very secure, poke-free, snag-free

We guarantee all precious metals used in our gold and platinum products that have 14K gold, platinum, and diamonds in the product name and description are guaranteed to meet the level of purity and all diamond products are authentic, conflict-free, and 100% ethically sourced genuine natural diamonds.
All our gold piercing jewelry is made of 14K solid gold (no vermeil, plated, or filled), material that is highly recommended by APP (Association of Professional Piercers). Gold higher than 18K is not adequate for body jewelry because it can easily be scratched or nicked.
Q : Can the snap in rose gold labrets be made any shorter? Say 3/16" (5mm)?
A :

We only make from 1/4" to 3/8".  You can use clear o-ring to make it snug. 

Q : Can I use this for nose stud? I currently have 18 gauge nose piercing and looking for longer post like 5/16".
A :

Yes, 18 gauge is very popular for both ear and nose piercing. I have two studs like this for nose and they fit great and very easy to put on.

Q : Will these work in my second hold on my ear lobes? What length would you suggest?
A :

Common length for regular ear lobe piercing is 1/4" (6mm).  

Q : Have you had any issues with people having these fall out because they are just push-ins?
A :

Push-ins are quite secure.  Push pins lock securely into corresponding posts.  Yes, it does come loose probably after 100 times push-ins and you do have to adjust it just like all other butterfly earring backs .  

Q : Do you guys have diamond dermal
A :

Sorry, we do not carry diamond dermal tops.  

Q : Hi I have a Helix piercing the earring I have in now is 1/4" I would like to replace it with a shorter post' do you have a 5mm? Thank you sally
A :

Sorry, 6mm is the shortest post we have.  

Q : Does the diamond come with certification/GIA papers?
A :

No, we do not provide certificates for under 1/4 carat.  We can provide a GIA certificate but the fee is $120.  We guarantee all of our diamonds are authentic natural conflict-free diamonds.  

Q : I recently bought 2 pairs of nose studs/flat back/push in and LOVE THEM. I want to buy larger diamond and maybe some other styles. Will the push in post fit in the back that's already in my nose or would I have to use the back that comes with each pair of nose rings?
A :

Each flat back studs are handmade therefore they will not fit snuggly to the other.   

Q : Hi' I purchased the flat back stud for my nose. This is a dumb question but do I put the top part in first or the back in first and then push the top piece in. I'm having a hard time with it and it seems like the top part isn't long enough...thanks
A :

Flat back in first and then push the top stud pin in.  

Q : how do you get it open??
A :

Just pull out the pin by two fingers to open.   The removable gem stud pin has a tiny groove that snaps in the shaft which holds both pieces together securely.

Q : Is this style very easy to change without assistance? I purchased a pave hoop for another piercing from your company and I just love it. I'm just a little afraid to order the stud because I fear it might be difficult to change without assistance? Please advise. Thank you so much
A :

This push-in style is very easy to change by yourself.  

Q : Is this for a pair or just for 1 pc?
A :

It is sold singly.  If you need a pair, please purchase a quantity of 2.

Q : Can I choose excellent cut & ideal polish for the diamond stud? And which is best' snap-in or internal threaded keep from loosing. Thank you D.
A :

For the best quality we would recommend the VVS.  Internal threaded is more secure since it has the threads for added security but the snap-ins are a breeze to put in and are very secure if you don't change it often.

Q : Does this exact earring come in an internal thread version? I need the 16 gauge.
A :

We have the internally threaded diamond items but it is only available in the 18g.

Q : for conch piercings' is it safer to have the srew on flat back or the push in flat back diamond studs? and will the conch fit the the same diamond design as the cartilage' helix monroe etc?
A :

Both push-in and screw on flat backs are safe for conch piercings. Yes, conch piercing shares the same stud as helix, monroe, any cartilage studs. The standard size is 1/4" for most conch piercings.

Q : Hi I want flat back push-in nose stud in 22G
A :

Flat-back push-in doesn't come with 22 gauge. The 22G post is too thin to make a hole.  Here are all our diamond nose stud collections.

Q : Not sure what length to get when purchasing one for the tragus
A :

1/4" is the standard length for most tragus piercings.

Q : Contemplating a nose stud - 1/4" seems too long; I don't want the diamond to appear "floppy". Can you advise please?
A :

If you believe the 1/4" is too long, then we can provide an o-ring that you can insert in between which should provide the post to have a tighter fit.  Please email us at for further assistance.

Q : I currently have the 18g in 1/4 6mm' 2.5 if I ordered the next size up 8mm will the Original diamond pin fit in the post 8mm post?
A :

If the item is purchased from us, it will most likely fit.  Please contact our customer care at for further assistance.

Q : Hi' do you sell replacement flatback posts' I already have the diamond but lost the back to it??
A :

Here's the link to the replacement post.

Q : I just got a monroe piercing what would b the recommended size to get??
A :

5/16" is the most common size for fully healed lip piercings but it all depends on an individual's physical anatomy. Please ask your piercer for your exact size recommendation.

Q : Do you have a 16 gauge 5/16 post with a ball back - preferably titanium a with prongs? I have a conch earring which I took out and can't get back in. The person who pierced it several months ago suggested I put a post in from the front to keep the opening until her shop opens up again. I did that but wanted to get a post I can put in from the front and the same size as I have. Thank you so much!
A :

Here's our basic titanium internally threaded for initial piercing.  We do have prong ball back studs but only available in 1/4" for fully healed piercings.





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